Seek Potential Startup Partners with FounderDating

One of the early struggles is putting up a startup is finding the right cofounder. Finally, a website caters to aspiring tech moguls seeking to find like-minded colleagues. FounderDating is designed to be a LinkedIn of sorts for entrepreneurs.

Users create profiles about themselves and what they are interested. Its search filters results by event, city, interest area, skills, desired starting date, and overall status. There is also a Founder Talk section where users post messages about who they seek and what they plan to develop. FounderDating even provides an option to users not to reveal their full identity, especially for employees who plan to strike on their own.

However, not everybody can get in to FounderDating as each applicant is intensively screened, making sure that each aspiring member has clear intentions of putting up a startup company. Also, members do not set up dates. Instead, FounderDating holds events where members meet up in majors tech hubs like Seattle, San Francisco, and New York.

So far, FounderDating is available for free and plans on expanding it to members seeking to put up other businesses such as a restaurant, craft store, or a farm.

Source: TechCrunch
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