Arthritis Treatment Alternatives

Arthritis is a debilitating condition that may limit the activities that one can be able to do. There are now a number of arthritis treatments available in order for sufferers to deal with the condition and lead a more enriching life. But some of the treatments can get too expensive, leading other people to look for more affordable alternatives. Here are some of the possible arthritis treatment alternatives that is also known to be quite effective in handling the said condition.

Dietary Supplements

With many arthritis medications getting expensive, there are other alternatives in the market that may help sufferer deal with the pain caused by this debilitating condition. There are dietary supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate that may be effective alternatives. These dietary supplements work by preventing further joint damage and deterioration rather than directly dealing with the pain caused by arthritis.

Relief Massage

Another effective alternative to treat the pain caused by arthritis is relief massage. Many sufferers from arthritis have reported finding relief from massage. The reason behind this is because massage brings warmth as well as increased blood flow into areas where massage is being applied. But using massage for pain relief should only be provided by experts since it should not be applied on joints that are swollen and too painful.

Herbal Treatments

Other alternative sources for pain relief from arthritis are using herbs. Certain herbs that can help ease the pain caused by arthritis may be found in the kitchen. Turmeric and ginger are just some of the herbs known to have anti-inflammatory properties that may help in treating the pain caused by arthritis. These herbs have long been used as remedies are are quite safe to try.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique of using thin needles placed strategically in various areas of the body in order to relieve a number of conditions, including arthritis pain. The technique is based on the belief that conditions that people experience are caused by blocked energy. Thin needles are inserted in the various points in the body in order to unblock the stuck energy and therefore, provide relief. Acupuncture has been known to stimulate certain function sin the body that can counter joint pain and inflammation. It is also known to stimulate the release of cortisol, a bodily hormone that suppresses pain and inflammation.
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