Early Signs Of A Heart Attack

Suffering from a heart attack does not come suddenly. In fact, there are certain early signs and symptoms that people with heart trouble may experience way before they feel a heart attack coming. Here are some of those early signs to watch out for which may come days or even weeks before an impending heart attack.

Jaw And Ear Pain

People feeling some pain radiating from their jaw and up to their ear may be one of the early symptoms of a heart attack. Although it might be quite hard to distinguish from similar pain that can be symptoms of other conditions such as tooth pain or an ear infection, it still might be heeded as a sign of a possible heart attack especially if the pain goes all the way down into the shoulder area, particularly on the left side of the body. The pain associated with heart attack can’t seem to be alleviated by treatments such as massage, cold or hot compress.

Dizziness And Shortness Of Breath

If you feel dizzy or ran out of air doing an activity that has previously caused you no trouble, it may be another early sign of a heart attack. You may feel shortness of breath or have some dizzy spells especially if you get into some activity like walking up the stairs or doing even some light work. According to researchers, around 40 percent of women who have gone through a heart attack reported experiencing it days before the actual attack.

Indigestion Or Heartburn

Most people might expect signs of heart attacks to include pain they feel somewhere in the chest area. But there are also signs associated with heart attack that may be pain emanating from the abdominal area. The pain may be mistaken for indigestion or heartburn since it is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

This type of symptom that is associated with heart attacks can be distinguished when the pain felt seems to worsen with exertion and seems to get better with rest. Such symptoms can be felt days before a heart attack may occur. If it is accompanied by lightheadedness, it might be a sign that a heart attack is in progress. It is best to call the doctor right away if the pain persists.
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