Leading European Blog Platform Acquires Timeline Startup

OverBlog, a leading Europe-based blog platform with over 32 million members has announced it has acquired Timekiwi, Palo Alto-based startup that helps users make a timeline using their social media postings.

Details of the acquisition were not revealed to the public, but OverBlog confirms integration with Timekiwi platform begins on summer 2012.

Not related to Facebook’s Timeline feature, Timekiwi allows users to make visually-attractive timelines using posts from their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, and OverBlog.

The acquisition is a saving grace for Timekiwi, which remained under the radar after its launch in 2010 with only 5,000 registered users to date. OverBlog acquires the startup more for its technology and not for its audience or the people who run it. So expect Timekiwi’s founders, Miha Rebernik and Robert Farazin, will not be hired on OverBlog.

Source: TechCrunch
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